Ed Golden: (206)-714-9713

Roof Services:

  • Cleaning / moss removal (pressure washing, air blowing and wire brushing)
  • Moss retardant treatments
  • Repair / replacement
  • Permanent safety equipment installation

Washington State Counties Served:

  • King
  • Skagit
  • Snohomish
Contractor Registration # ASCENRS87705

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Ed Golden, owner of Ascend Restoration Services Inc., has been a general contractor and roofing and restoration expert for over 30 years. Ascend Restoration has primarily focused on the maintenance and repair of roofs and general exterior building maintenance. This includes residential and commercial properties.

Cell: (206)-714-9713

Expert Roof Cleaning Services

Moss is a serious problem for a composition roof and the effects on your roof can be devastating even after a relatively short period of time. Moss will attack and ruin a composition roof by:
  • Anchoring itself to your roof with root-like structures called rhizomes which dislodge the protective granules and expose your roof to the elements
  • Damming up water which will then run sideways under your shingles causing a leak
  • Soaking up water and keeping your roof wet causing it to break down, rot, grow mold and mildew
  • Growing underneath the bottom edge of the shingles and push it up breaking the seal and making your roof more prone to wind damage

Debris is also a major problem for a roof as it dams and soaks up water causing the same issues as moss.

We are experts at pressure washing moss and debris safely off roof surfaces and we provide a maintenance program that will keep it off!

Moss Infestation

Rusty B-Vents

Cracked Roof Vents

Flashing Cracks / Deterioration

Clogged Exhaust Vents

Sky Light Flashing Leaks

Gutters Full of Debris

Exposed Nail Heads

Clean / Waterproof to Prevent Leaks

Install Anchor Gloves to Prevent Leaks


An Anchor Glove prevents a Super Anchor from leaking by keeping black plastic cap on.

Gutter Drainage Protection